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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: resin and UTF-8 in URLs
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 22:53:51 GMT

: Let's not make this complicated for situations that we've never
: seen in practice. Java is a Unicode language and always has been.
: Anyone running a Java system with a Shift-JIS default should already
: know the pitfalls, and know them much better than us (and I know a
: lot about Shift-JIS).
: The URI spec says UTF-8, so we can be compliant and tell people
: to fix their code. If they need to add specific hacks for their
: broken software, that is OK. We don't need generic design features
: for a few broken clients.

i think the fact that yonik started two seperate threads one about GET
URLs and one about POST is confusing things ... the discussions have
merged and i'm trying to speak in generalities about dealing with all

Solr, in my opinion, shouldn't have the string "UTF-8" hardcoded in it
anywhere -- not even in the example config: new users shouldn't need to
know about have any special solrconfig options that must be (un)set to get
Solr to use their servlet container / system default charset.


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