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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject finer granularity of configuration
Date Sat, 03 Feb 2007 20:43:21 GMT
I'd like to be able to have a common schema.xml and solrconfig.xml  
but be able to fire up Solr instances pointed to different data  
directories.  I realize we have SOLR-79 in JIRA.  Is that the  
approach we want long term?

Here's an off-the-cuff idea... what if we hook Config.get() to look  
for system properties that would override configuration values.    
SolrCore does this:

	  dataDir = SolrConfig.config.get("dataDir",Config.getInstanceDir() 

If it looked for a system property (perhaps with a "solr." prefix)  
you could override anything Config serves up.  Thoughts?

Speaking of which, is this incorrect in

	  public String getDataDir() { return index_path; }  // shouldn't  
this return dataDir?
	  public String getIndexDir() { return index_path; }


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