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From Walter Underwood <>
Subject Re: resin and UTF-8 in URLs
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 23:01:48 GMT
On 2/1/07 2:53 PM, "Chris Hostetter" <> wrote:

> Solr, in my opinion, shouldn't have the string "UTF-8" hardcoded in it
> anywhere -- not even in the example config: new users shouldn't need to
> know about have any special solrconfig options that must be (un)set to get
> Solr to use their servlet container / system default charset.

I strongly disagree. When we use standards like URIs and XML which
specify UTF-8, we should use UTF-8.

If someone has intentionally set defaults which do not comply with
the standards, they can also do the extra work to make Solr behave
in a non-standard way.

I really cannot imagine a real use for that configuration, especially
in a back end server like Solr. In HTML, changing from Shift-JIS to
GB will change the shape of a few kanji characters, but there is
no need to store everything in GB or talk to the servers in GB.


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