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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Can this be achieved? (Was: document support for file system crawling)
Date Fri, 19 Jan 2007 18:33:57 GMT
: > What I am really talking about, is this: There is a growing market for
: > simple search solutions that can work out of the box, and that can still
: > be customized. Something that:
: > - organizations can use on their network, out of the box

: > I am not looking to change Solr in that direction. But take a look at
: > Solr. Or Nutch. They are already built on Lucene and many other
: > projects. Why/not build something on top of this? Something more/else?
: I don't think that anyone is arguing that this product shouldn't exist
: in the open-source world, just that it shouldn't be part of Solr's
: mandate.  It sounds like a cool project (though the closer you get to


Eivind: earlier in this thread, you were talking about having more
crawling features, and document parsing features and built in to Solr, and
i got hte impression that you didn't like the idea that they could be
loosely coupled external applications ... but if your interest is in
having an "enterprise search solution" that people can deploy on a box
and haveit start working for them, then there is no reason for all of that
code to run in a single JVM using a single code base -- i'm going to go
out on a limb and guess that that the Google Appliances run more then a
single process :)

given a collection of loosely coupled pieces, including Solr,
including Nutch, including whatever future document parsing contribs might
be written for either SOlr or Nutch ... you could bundle them all together
into an enterprise search system that when installed deployed them all and
coupled them together and had a GUI for configuring them ... but that
would be a seperate project from Solr -- just as Solr and Nutch are
seperate projects from Java-Lucene ... it's all about laysers built on top
of layers that allow for reuse.


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