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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject solrb releases
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 16:35:50 GMT
The solrb code is good enough to deserve an 0.0.1 release to have  
folks try it out easier than checking it out from Subversion,  
building a .gem (somewhat analogous to a Java JAR), and then  
installing it.

What I'd like to do for now is simply run "rake package" locally, and  
check in the .gem file (pkg/solrb-0.0.1.gem) and then users can use  
"gem install" pointing directly to the .gem file URL.

It'd pain me to get into a lot of bureaucracy over it early on, but  
it'd be good to iron out release kinks as we go.

Yonik/Hoss, others - what do you think should be done to make releases?

Interestingly, what is commonly done in Rubyland is for there to be a  
skeleton rubyforge project set up to distribute gems with source code  
living in a separate repository.  I'd rather us do it all here at ASF  
to keep it in-house and tightly synced with Solr itself.


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