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From "Ryan McKinley" <>
Subject Re: Update Plugins (was Re: Handling disparate data sources in Solr)
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2007 03:17:16 GMT
> ...what if we bring that idea back, and let people configure it in the
> solrconfig.xml, using path like names...
>   <requestParser name="/raw" class="solr.RawPostRequestParser" />
>   <requestParser name="/multi" class="solr.MultiPartRequestParser" />
>   <requestParser name="/nostream" class="solr.SimpleRequestParser" />
>   <requestParser name="/guess" class="solr.UseContentTypeRequestParser" />
> ...but don't make it a *public* interface ... make it package protected,
> or maybe even a private static interface of the Dispatch Filter .. either
> way, don't instantiate instances of it using the plugin-lib ClassLoader,
> make sure it comes from the WAR to only uses the ones provided out of hte
> box.

I'm on board as long as the URL structure is:

and if you are missing the parameter it chooses a good option.

(stream.type can change, just that the parser is configured in the
query string, not he path)

I like it!

Also, this would give us a natural place to configure the max size etc
for multi-part upload

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