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From "Zaheed Haque" <>
Subject Re: Can this be achieved? (Was: document support for file system crawling)
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 21:55:17 GMT
On 1/17/07, Eivind Hasle Amundsen <> wrote:
> > (...) the point being
> > that once they've got you using a monolithic application, it's a lot
> > harder to stop using the whole thing all at once, then it would be for you
> > to stop using 1 of N mini-applications they provide.
> Well, FAST is composed of many small, modular products that can be
> replaced by other (open source) parts. It is not monolithic. The first
> time you install it, it might appear to be just one giant beast. However
> it is not.
> > I ramble about this to try and explain why Solr may not be what you would
> > consider a "complete package" at the moment .... and why it may never
> > reach the state you think would make it a "complete package" ... because
> > there are a lot of people out there who don't need it to be -- it would be
> > hard to be a full blown GUI configurable, web crawling, document
> > detecting, customizable schema based application and still allow for
> > people to use small pieces of it.
> I am not arguing on this. I think my point didn't get through, then.
> Compare this to Linux distributions. People still use them, right? What
> about an "enterprise search distro"? That is exactly what some
> commercial vendors offer, only far less elegant than anything containing
> Lucene et al would probably be.
> > To put it another way: it's a lot easier for people to put reusable
> > components with clean APIs together in interesting ways, then it is for
> > people to extract reusable components with clean APIs from a monolithic
> > application.
> Yes, I agree completely, and the strength is exactly what you say - they
> focus on doing a small thing very well. I believe this fact would make
> such a "search distribution" even more appealing.

I am not sure I follow. Enterprise search distro?. Anyway any
enterprise interested
in having a serious search solution (i.e. buy FAST, Autonomy or do
open source lucene)
will want a custom solution i.e. pick and choose the module/feature
they need/want and then
let an integrator/consultancy-firm/IT department to do the actual
implementation.  So
a search distribution as pointed out is somewhat meaningless if customization is

Now there are organization that will want to have a black-box solution
i.e. Google-mini or Searchblox or the new IBM/Yahoo/Lucene search
solution (sorry I can't remember the name). These are pre-packaged
solution and low cost alternative, in some case free and offer no
customization and I am 100% sure those organization don not even want

So having the possibility to pick and choose and make a custom
solution from Lucene, Solr, Nutch, Hadoop is super perfect..You can do
more cool things then if all of these are bundles.

Just some thoughts.

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