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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: [jira] Commented: (SOLR-75) XSLT-based "Schema Browser" in admin view
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 04:20:24 GMT
: originally attached to an earlier JIRA issue, but this one should
: include every attribute in a field or fieldtype -- the "attributes"
: table should contain every attribute of the node.  Also, I included

yeah .. i wasn't sure if this version was identicle or not, it sounds like
you added some stuff, but the key thing i was refering to was what
when showing a "field" we should display both the direct attributes as
well as any attributes it inherits from it's "fieldtype"

: (via cut-and-paste) the basic analysis form, so that it shows for each
: field (and submits to analysis.jsp) as well.  If these do not fit what

i was just thinking that link to the form with the field field name
prepopulated would be great, but it sounds like you've already done one

: I thought about doing the transformation server-side as well, but I
: stuck client-side because other admin pages rely on client-side
: transformation.  I can rework it as a server-side transformation, if

i don't really have a strong opinion about it .. but i do see a big
distinction between this and the existing JSPs -- they are generating XML
content which includes a hint for the client about how it can be styled
for readability.  In this case, we are proactively styling a flat config
file regardless of what kind of styling information it may have in it.

afterall: if you already need to do some parsing of hte file serverside to
put in the stylesheet header, you might as well go all out.

(incidently: what happens with the existing patch if the file already has
a differnet stylesheet header that the client uses for other purposes?)

: characters instead, unless somebody can locate license free icons, or

i believe there are a few creative commons icon repositories out there --
we wouldnt' be the first OpenSource project to need some images :)

: have to rework the XSL to take SOLR-76 into account.)  If it is
: permissible, I think it would be better to use the original code and
: credit the author, both to give the original author deserved credit
: for his idea and to minimize duplication of work on our parts :)

yeah, but code is code and the Apache rules of using someones code without
their explicit permission are fairly rigid -- not that i completley
understand them, but i'm pretty sure cutting and pasting from a random
webside is a no-no.


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