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From Manuel Albela Miranda <>
Subject Re: Solr, new index format (segments_N)
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2006 08:09:14 GMT
Chris Hostetter wrote:
> : Now i have solr working with lockless index, but i had to download the
> : binaries from the lucene website so now it works ok, but still don't
> : know why the  jar file generated in the compilation of the lucene svn
> : sources doesn't work with solr, so the main part of the problem is
> : solved, i will go on investigating why the compiled jar doesn't work, bu
> : i think it's no a java problem, in that case it won't work even with the
> : lucene binaries.
> if the lucene jars built by someone else work, but the jars you compile
> for yourself don't then that suggests to me that there is an
> incompatibility between the java compiler you are using to compile the
> code, and the JVM you are using hte run the code ... is there any
> possibility you have a 1.6 javac lying arround that might be getting used
> by ant?
> -Hoss
> .
I don't think so, the output when i run javac -version is the next:

javac -version
javac 1.5.0_06
javac: no source files
Usage: javac <options> <source files>
where possible options include:
  -g                         Generate all debugging info
  -g:none                    Generate no debugging info
  -g:{lines,vars,source}     Generate only some debugging info
  -nowarn                    Generate no warnings
  -verbose                   Output messages about what the compiler is 
  -deprecation               Output source locations where deprecated 
APIs are used
  -classpath <path>          Specify where to find user class files
  -cp <path>                 Specify where to find user class files
  -sourcepath <path>         Specify where to find input source files
  -bootclasspath <path>      Override location of bootstrap class files
  -extdirs <dirs>            Override location of installed extensions
  -endorseddirs <dirs>       Override location of endorsed standards path
  -d <directory>             Specify where to place generated class files
  -encoding <encoding>       Specify character encoding used by source files
  -source <release>          Provide source compatibility with specified 
  -target <release>          Generate class files for specific VM version
  -version                   Version information
  -help                      Print a synopsis of standard options
  -X                         Print a synopsis of nonstandard options
  -J<flag>                   Pass <flag> directly to the runtime system

then, i don't know what happens with the compilation.



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