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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Support for custom Fragmenter when Highlighting
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 23:12:50 GMT

: Have you considered making the query language an XML-base POST'd
: language, like updates?  As the language increases in power, this
: could improve manageability.  It would also correspond directly with
: directives in solrconfig.xml.  A subset of the query language could be
: allowed in a GET request.

FYI: There is an xml parser in the lucene contrib directory that allows
for a very customizable xml based query syntax -- i believe it is flexible
enough that other types of options could be expressed in it.

in general, i think the issue of query params and query param names for
the "built in" handlers isn't that big of a deal ... the
StandardRequestHandler doesn't have to support every possible feature of
Solr via query params -- we just wnat to make sure to support the major
ones with easy to use and intuative param names.  If people want really
specialized behavior, they can write a specialized plugin (so it is
important to make the functionality easy to use via utilities)

Adding a "namespace" of query params for dealing with highlighting (or
anything else) seems kind of complicated and confusing ... is that level
of granularity of control at query time really that usefull conpared to
the complexity of understanding it?  -- or would it make more sense to
confine that level of customizability to the solrconfig init params of the
requestHandler (where more complex data structures can already be
expressed) ?


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