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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "CommonQueryParameters" by ShawnHeisey
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2013 20:54:34 GMT
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The "CommonQueryParameters" page has been changed by ShawnHeisey:

Added note about debugQuery always resulting in calculated scores.

  ||'''Example''' ||'''Meaning''' ||
  ||`id,foo(c)` ||id and a function ||
  See [[|here]] for a list of
available functions.
  === Transformers ===
manipulate documents before they are returned.  Standard transformers include:
@@ -145, +145 @@

  ||'''Example''' ||'''Meaning''' ||
  ||`id,price:crazy_price_field` ||return the stored field 'crazy_price_field' but display
it as 'price' ||
  ||`id,price:sum(a,b)` ||return price as the sum of fields a+b ||
- ||`fl=my_alias:field_name`||returns "field_name" but displays it as "my_alias"||
+ ||`fl=my_alias:field_name` ||returns "field_name" but displays it as "my_alias" ||
@@ -157, +157 @@

  If this parameter is present (regardless of its value) then additional debugging information
will be included in the response, including "explain" info for each of the documents returned.
 This debugging info is meant for human consumption... its XML format could change in the
  The default behavior is not to include debugging info.
+ When debugQuery is enabled, the score value will always be calculated and the explanation
given for every document in the results, even if the query parameters do not require scores,
such as when sorting by a field in the index.
  === debug ===
  <!> [[Solr4.0]]

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