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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "FieldCollapsing" by Tomás Fernández Löbbe
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2013 19:28:10 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "FieldCollapsing" page has been changed by Tomás Fernández Löbbe:

  ||group.sort||[sortspec]||How to sort documents within a single group.  Defaults to the
same value as the {{{sort}}} parameter.||
  ||group.format||grouped/simple||if simple, the grouped documents are presented in a single
flat list.  The start and rows parameters refer to numbers of documents instead of numbers
of groups.||
  ||group.main||true/false||If true, the result of the last field grouping command is used
as the main result list in the response, using group.format=simple||
- ||group.ngroups||true/false||If true, includes the number of groups that have matched the
query. Default is false.||
+ ||group.ngroups||true/false||If true, includes the number of groups that have matched the
query. Default is false.'''WARNING:''' If this parameter is set to true on a sharded environment,
all the documents that belong to the same group have to be located in the same shard, otherwise
the count will be incorrect. If you are using SolrCloud, consider using "custom hashing" <!>
  ||group.truncate||true/false||If true, facet counts are based on the most relevant document
of each group matching the query. Same applies for StatsComponent. Default is false. <!>
[[Solr3.4]] Supported from Solr 3.4 and up.||
  ||group.facet||true/false||Whether to compute grouped facets for the field facets specified
in {{{facet.field}}} parameters. Grouped facets are computed based on the first specified
group. Just like normal field faceting, fields shouldn't be tokenized (otherwise counts are
computed for each token). Grouped faceting supports single and multivalued fields. Default
is false. <!> [[Solr4.0]]||
  ||group.cache.percent||[0-100]||If > 0 enables grouping cache. Grouping is executed actual
two searches. This option caches the second search. A value of 0 disables grouping caching.
Default is 0. Tests have shown that this cache only improves search time with boolean queries,
wildcard queries and fuzzy queries. For simple queries like a term query or a match all query
this cache has a negative impact on performance||

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