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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "SolrCloud" by Tomás Fernández Löbbe
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2013 11:04:39 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "SolrCloud" page has been changed by Tomás Fernández Löbbe:

Added documentation on how to use Zookeeper chroot with Solr

  sh -cmd linkconfig -zkhost -collection collection1 -confname conf1
-solrhome example/solr
+ === Zookeeper chroot ===
+ If you are already using Zookeeper for other applications and you want to keep the ZNodes
organized by application, or if you want to have multiple separated SolrCloud clusters sharing
one Zookeeper ensemble you can use Zookeeper's "chroot" option. From Zookeeper's documentation:
+ {{{
+ An optional "chroot" suffix may also be appended to the connection string. This will run
the client commands while interpreting all paths relative to this root (similar to the unix
chroot command). If used the example would look like: "" or ",,"
where the client would be rooted at "/app/a" and all paths would be relative to this root
- ie getting/setting/etc... "/foo/bar" would result in operations being run on "/app/a/foo/bar"
(from the server perspective).
+ }}}
+ To use this Zookeeper feature, simply start Solr with the "chroot" suffix in the zkHost
parameter. For example:
+ {{{
+ java -DzkHost=localhost:9983/foo/bar -jar start.jar
+ }}}
+ or
+ {{{
+ java -DzkHost=zoo1:9983,zoo2:9983,zoo3:9983/foo/bar -jar start.jar
+ }}}
+ '''NOTE:''' With Solr 4.0 you'll need to create the initial path in Zoookeeper before starting
Solr. Since Solr 4.1, the initial path will automatically be created if you are using either
''bootstrap_conf'' or ''boostrap_confdir''.
  == Known Limitations ==
  A small number of Solr search components do not support distributed search. In some cases,
a component may never get distributed support, in other cases it may just be a matter of time
and effort. All of the search components that do not yet support standard distributed search
have the same limitation with SolrCloud. You can pass distrib=false to use these components
on a single SolrCore.

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