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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "SolrCloud" by Mark Miller
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2012 15:09:27 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "SolrCloud" page has been changed by Mark Miller:

  In terms of trying to make sure ZooKeeper is setup to be very fast, keep a few things in
mind: Solr does not use ZooKeeper intensively - optimization's are likely not necessary. Also,
while adding more ZooKeeper nodes will help some with read performance, it will slightly hurt
write performance. Again, Solr does not really do much with ZooKeeper when your cluster is
in a steady state.
  When Solr runs an embedded zookeeper server, it defaults to using the solr port plus 1000
for the zookeeper client port.  In addition, it defaults to adding one to the client port
for the zookeeper server port, and two for the zookeeper leader election port.  So in the
first example with Solr running at 8983, the embedded zookeeper server used port 9983 for
the client port and 9984,9985 for the server ports.
+ == Managing collections via the Collections API ==
  == Creating cores via CoreAdmin ==
  New Solr cores may also be created and associated with a collection via CoreAdmin.
@@ -286, +290 @@

  || zkClientTimeout || Defaults to 10000 || value ||
  === Config Bootstrap Params ===
- || bootstrap_confdir || No default || value ||
- || collection.configName || Defaults to configuration1 || value ||
+ There are two different ways you can use system properties to upload your initial configuration
files to ZooKeeper the first time you start Solr. Remember that these are meant to be used
only on first startup or when overwriting configuration files - everytime you start Solr with
these system properties, any current configuration files in ZooKeeper may be overwritten when
'conf set' names match.
+ || bootstrap_conf || No default || If you pass -Dbootstrap_conf=true on startup, each SolrCore
you have configured will have it's configuration files automatically uploaded and linked to
the collection that SolrCore is part of ||
+ || bootstrap_confdir || No default || If you pass -bootstrap_confdir=<directory> on
startup, that specific directory of configuration files will be uploaded to ZooKeeper with
a 'conf set' name defined by the below system property, collection.configName ||
+ || collection.configName || Defaults to configuration1 || Determines the name of the conf
set pointed to by bootstrap_confdir ||
  === Other ===
  || shardId || Defaults to being automatically assigned based on numShards || value ||

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