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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "SolrOnWindowsAzure" by DougMahugh
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2012 15:35:06 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "SolrOnWindowsAzure" page has been changed by DougMahugh:

  ## page was copied from SolrOnAmazonEC2
  = Intro =
- Solr can be run on [[|Amazon's EC2]].
+ Solr can be run on Windows Azure. See the tutorial [[|Getting
Started with Solr/Lucene on Windows Azure]] for an example of how to configure and host Solr/Lucene
in Windows Azure using multi-instance replication for index-serving and single-instance for
index generation with a persistent index mounted in Azure storage.
- = Instructions =
+ The tutorial explains how to install the Windows Azure SDK and create a Windows Azure subscription
and storage account, with links to installation instructions for the Java JRE and Solr/Lucene.
After the prerequisites are handled, the tutorial covers how to install and deploy a sample
Windows Azure Solr/Lucene project hosted on [[|Github]].
- /!\ :TODO: /!\ Fill in instructions once 1.3.0 is up and we create a public image for others
to use.
+ Typical scenarios addressed with this sample are commercial and publisher sites that need
to scale traffic with increasing query volume and need to index a maximum of 16 TB of data
requiring a small number of index updates per day.
- === For people new to Solr: ===
-  1. Get the instance launched.
-  2. SSH to the server.
-  3. type: cd /opt/apache-solr-1.3.0/example
-  4. type: java -jar start.jar
-  5. Your instance will now be running.
-  6. Get your public DNS information.
-  7. Paste your public DNS information to browser and add http://public-dns:8983/solr/admin/
- Feel free to remove this information with better instructions.  This is for people who have
never run solr.
- === Opening Ports ===
- By default, port 8983 may not be open.  However, if you have Elasticfox Firefox plugin installed
you can add it via the Security Groups tab.  Alternatively if you are using the ec2 command
line tools you can open .  If you want to just run on port 80, which is open, then start it
via java -Djetty.port=80 -jar start.jar.
- = Thanks =
- These results are made possible through the generous support of  Amazon Web Services Apache
Projects Testing Program.
- I have created a public AMI (Amazon Machine Image) with the id of ami-8f07e0e6 and manifest
description "mahaya-images/mahaya-solr-lucene-server-1.3.0-20090318.manifest.xml". Please
feel free to use this image as a baseline for the Solr cloud effort. The Solr version installed
on the AMI is 1.3.0 with Java 1.6 and the operating system is Fedora-8.
- The Solr and Java JDK directories are in the /opt directory.
- In addition I have created a second example directory named example7574 which can be used
to launch a second Solr server(in addition to the default instance on port 8983) on the same
instance to test sharding.
- I also took the liberty of adding an additional *.xml file to the exampleDocs directory
named 'kindle.xml' since this is 'Amazon' EC2:)
- Please let me know if I can be of assistance.
- Cheers,
- Donald Mahaya

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