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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "Houston junk cars - How to Dispose of Scrap Cars" by junkcars000
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2012 00:32:17 GMT
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The "Houston junk cars - How to Dispose of Scrap Cars" page has been changed by junkcars000:

New page:

Stashing a junk car in your yard is never a good idea. The '''junk car '''will   just take
up a big space and this even pose a health threat for your   family, specially when you have
children in your home. There are so many   ways to get rid that '''junk car''' of yours.One
example is to sell into a junk yard such as the [[|houston
junk cars]].


You can also donate your car to charities that accepts '''junk cars. '''You   can always donate
a car even if it does not run. They will just sell   the metal scrap in your car and keep
the money for their needs, this may   also help to reduce your tax. You can also get the usable
parts of the   car and sell it online and the whole car you will have to sell it into  a 
junk yard such as the [[|we buy junk
cars houston]]. This accepts any kind of car from very old to newer cars, from running to
not running '''cars'''.


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