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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "HowToContribute" by ChrisTomlinson
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2010 10:28:23 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "HowToContribute" page has been changed by ChrisTomlinson.


  Running SOLR in Eclipse:
+ === Notes on Helios Eclipse 3.6 ===
+ Using Eclipse 3.6 requires some changes to the above:
+  * using Subversive SVN plugin, checkout
(these notes are as of rev 996720) as a project into the workspace. This allows to update
and so on from the Eclipse workspace
+  * copy the .classpath and .project files linked above to the lucene and solr sub-folders
under the combined project checkout
+  * select File > New > Project ...; then select Java project and Next; then fill in
name like "apache.trunk.lucene"; then uncheck "Use default location" and then "Browse..."
to the location in workspace of PROJECT/lucene - this will link the new Java project to the
SVN managed copy of the lucene portion of trunk (do the same for SOLR).
+  * due to the factoring of common code in PROJECT/modules it is necessary to select "properties"
for the apache.trunk.lucene project, navigate to Java Build Path and then under the "Source"
tab select "Link Source ...". In the "Link Source" dialog then in "Linked Folder Location:"
browse to PROJECT/modules/analysis/common/src/java and in the "Folder Name" assign a name
like "analysis" click finish and when the project builds it should be without errors.
+  * for SOLR it was necessary to modify the Java build path to use newer versions of commons-codec
and commons-csv and to remove google-collect-1.0.jar from libraries since it is not in the
PROJECT/solr/lib. Add the ant jars from PROJECT/lucene/lib. Also it is necessary to "Link
Source..." to 
+   * PROJECT/lucene/src/java, 
+   * PROJECT/lucene/src/test, 
+   * PROJECT/modules/analysis/common/src/java, 
+   * PROJECT/modules/analysis/common/src/test, 
+   * PROJECT/modules/analysis/phonetic/src/java, 
+   * PROJECT/modules/analysis/phonetic/src/test, 
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/highlighter/src/java
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/highlighter/src/test
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/memory/src/java
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/memory/src/test
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/queries/src/java
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/queries/src/test
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/spatial/src/java
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/spatial/src/test
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/spellchecker/src/java, 
+   * PROJECT/lucene/contrib/spellchecker/src/test, 
  == IntelliJ (9.0.3) ==
  There used to be a long, complex song-and-dance for doing this, but Steven Rowe did a really
cool patch, see: [[|LUCENE-2611]]. Essentially,
all you have to do is download the patch, run "ant idea", bring up IntelliJ and set the project-level
java SDK. See the comments at the JIRA. I haven't tried to run SOLR after this setup, but
since the previous version of these instructions didn't try either, it's no loss.

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