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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "HackingSolr" by HossMan
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2010 00:20:21 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "HackingSolr" page has been changed by HossMan.
The comment on this change is: group similar sections as sub sections, add TOC.


+ <<TableOfContents>>
+ = Hacking On Solr =
- = Source Repository =
+ == Source Repository ==
  The Solr website contains [[|Information
about the Lucene/Solr Source Code SVN Repository]]
  There are currently two active development branches: "branches/branch_3x/" with may become
[[Solr3.1]] and "trunk" which will very likely become [[Solr4.0]].
- = Nightly Builds =
+ == Nightly Builds ==
  Various Nightly builds are run on our [[|Hudson
Server]].  These nightly builds validate that the source code compiles and that the tests
run successfully.  Using the "Last Successful Artifacts" link you can download binary builds
of these development versions.  ('''NOTE: These are not official Apache Releases''')
+ = Hacking With Solr =
- = Solr Plugins =
+ == Solr Plugins ==
  The first thing to know if you are interested in hacking and customizing Solr, is that you
may not need to customize the source at all.  Solr has a fairly extensive number of [[SolrPlugins|Plugin
Hooks]] that allow you to add custom functionality for a variety of purposes by developing
against some simple APIs, and then use your plugins by placing your jar in a special "lib"
directory and refering to them by name in your configuration file.
- = web.xml Hacks =
+ == web.xml Hacks ==
  Some behavior of Solr can be modified just by changing the [[|web.xml]]
- == Customizing the Path Prefix Solr Intercepts ==
+ === Customizing the Path Prefix Solr Intercepts ===
  If you are wiring Solr into a larger web application which controls the web context root,
you will probably want to mount Solr under a path prefix (app.war with /app/solr mounted into
it, for example). You will need to specify a prefix init-param for the !SolrDispatchFilter
to do this.  See the comments in the web.xml for details.
- == Hardcoding Solr Home  ==
+ === Hardcoding Solr Home  ===
  The Solr Home can be hardcoded using JNDI
@@ -34, +40 @@

- = Embedding Solr =
+ == Embedding Solr ==
  In addition to using Solr as a web based application, the SolrJ API provides the ability
to embedded the core Solr functionality into any Java application using [[Solrj#EmbeddedSolrServer|EmbeddedSolrServer]].

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