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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "HighlightingParameters" by KojiSekiguchi
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 06:31:29 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "HighlightingParameters" page has been changed by KojiSekiguchi.


  eg. `f.contents.hl.snippets=2`
+ [[|FastVectorHighlighter]]
can be used <!> [[Solr1.5]].
@@ -23, +25 @@

  A comma- or space- delimited list of fields to generate highlighted snippets for.  If left
blank, the fields highlighted for the StandardRequestHandler are the defaultSearchField (or
the `df` param if used) and for the DisMaxRequestHandler the `qf` fields are used.
  A '*' can be used to match field globs, e.g. 'text_*' or even '*' to highlight on all fields
where highlighting is possible. When using '*', consider adding hl.requireFieldMatch=true.
+ If the specified field is termVectors=on, termPositions=on and termOffsets=on, DefaultSolrHighlighter
uses FastVectoryHighlighter unless the hl.useHighlighter parameter set to on.
  The default value is blank.
@@ -64, +68 @@

  The default value is to not have a default summary.
  == hl.maxAlternateFieldLength ==
  If `hl.alternateField` is specified, this parameter specifies the maximum number of characters
of the field to return <!> [[Solr1.3]].  Any value less than or equal to `0` means unlimited.
@@ -88, +91 @@

  Specify a text snippet generator for highlighted text.  The standard fragmenter is `gap`
(which is so called because it creates fixed-sized fragments with gaps for multi-valued fields).
 Another option is `regex`, which tries to create fragments that "look like" a certain regular
expression.  This parameter accepts per-field overrides.  <!> [[Solr1.3]]
  The default value is "`gap`"
+ == hl.fragListBuilder ==
+ Specify the name of SolrFragListBuilder.  <!> [[Solr1.5]]
+ == hl.fragmentsBuilder ==
+ Specify the name of SolrFragmentsBuilder.  <!> [[Solr1.5]]
+ == hl.useHighlighter ==
+ Use (traditional) Highlighter even if the field is termVectors=on, termPositions=on and
termOffsets=on. This parameter accepts per-field overrides.  <!> [[Solr1.5]]
+ The default value is "`false`"
  == hl.usePhraseHighlighter ==

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