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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Trivial Update of "SolrTerminology" by JohnBennett
Date Thu, 04 Jun 2009 17:09:18 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The following page has been changed by JohnBennett:

- This is the place to list any terminology which is Solr specific, or in which the meaning
in the Solr community may be subtly different from that of the general populous.
+ This is the place to define terms that are specific to Solr or that have meanings in the
Solr community that differ  from their meanings in the general populace.
- When adding to this page, please try to keep things in alphabetical order.
+ When adding to this page, please list terms in alphabetical order.
   * '''''Auto-warming''''': What Solr does when it opens a new cache, and seeds it with key/val
pairs based on the "top" keys from the old instance of the cache
   * '''''Constraint''''': A viable method of limiting a set of objects ([
@@ -12, +12 @@

     1. The "fq" param which constrains the results from a query without influencing the scores.
     1. Specifically referring to the Lucene "Filter" class
   * '''''Searcher''''': In Solr parlance, the term "Searcher" tends to refer to an instance
of the !SolrIndexSearcher class.  This class is responsible for executing all searches done
against the index, and manages several caches.  There is typically  one Searcher per !SolrCore
at any given time, and that searcher is used to execute all queries against that !SolrCore,
but there may be additional Searchers open at a time during cache warming (in which and "old
Searcher" is still serving live requests while a "new Searcher" is being warmed up).
+  * '''''Shard''''': A distributed index is partitioned into "shards". Each shard corresponds
to a Lucene instance and contains a disjoint subset of the documents in the index.
   * '''''Solr Home Dir''''': Also referred to as the "'''''Solr Home Directory'''''" or just
"'''''Solr Home'''''" this is the main directory where Solr will look for configuration files,
data, and plugins.  Knowing which directory to use as the Solr Home is the one piece of information
that Solr must either assume (the default is "./solr") or be configured using some mechanism
beyond Solr's normal configuration files.  An [
example Solr Home] is included in Solr releases and contains a [
README.txt] explaining the directory structure.  For more information on ways to override
the default Solr Home, please read SolrInstall.
   * '''''Static warming''''': What users can do using newSearcher and firstSearcher event
listeners to force explicit warming actions to be taken when one of these events happens --
frequently it involves seeding one or more caches with values from "static" queries hard coded
in the solrconfig.xml

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