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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "HowToRelease" by YonikSeeley
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 05:53:30 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Solr Wiki" for change notification.

The following page has been changed by YonikSeeley:

The comment on the change is:
graduation changes, etc

  ''This page is prepared for Solr committers. You need committer rights 
  to create a new  Solr release.''
- = Notes on Releases during incubation =
-  * repository path prefix is
-  * all version numbers in release artifacts must end in "-incubating" .. this is handled
automatically by the build.xml via the `${incubation-suffix} property. /!\ :TODO: /!\ Update
due to graduation.
- = Misc Notes =
-  * at some point in this process, the release date needs updated in teh CHANGES.txt file
... not sure when it should happen (before branching? on the branch and on the trunk?)
  = Making a release. =
- 	1. Check if documentation needs an update.
+ 	1. Check if documentation needs an update, update release date in CHANGES.txt and add any
necessary notes on upgrading.
  	1. Update news in {{{src/site/src/documentation/content/xdocs/index.xml}}} and for main site stored at The second
change may require additional rights or  patch submitted to the Lucene PMC
  	1. Commit these changes.
             '''Note:''' It is important to do this prior to the build so that it is reflected
in the copy of the website included with the release for documentation purposes.
@@ -24, +15 @@

             1. Create a new distribution directory: {{{}}}
  	1. Check out the branch with: 		{{{svn co
-            '''Note:''' at the moment releases need to be done on a unix box, because fixcrlf
is only done on the sources in the zip artifact 
+            '''Note:''' at the moment releases need to be done on a unix box or in a cygwin
environment with unix linefeeds, because fixcrlf is only done on the sources in the zip artifact

  	1. Update the version numbers in build.xml:
              * {{{specversion}}} should be set to `X.Y.M.${dateversion}`, where X.Y.M is
the release being made.
              * {{{version}}} should be set to `X.Y.N-dev`, where N is one greater than the
release being made.
@@ -39, +30 @@ -m "Solr X.Y.M release."
  	1. Sign the release (see [
Step-By-Step Guide to Mirroring Releases] for more information).
-                 {{{gpg --armor --output dist/apache-solr-X.Y.M-incubating.tgz.asc --detach-sig
+                 {{{gpg --armor --output dist/apache-solr-X.Y.M.tgz.asc --detach-sig dist/apache-solr-X.Y.M.tgz}}}
- 	        {{{gpg --armor --output dist/ --detach-sig
+ 	        {{{gpg --armor --output dist/ --detach-sig dist/}}}
          1. Copy release files to the distribution directory.
-                 {{{scp -p dist/apache-solr-X.Y.M-incubating.tar.gz*}}}
-                 {{{scp -p dist/*}}}
-            After graduation, the place to copy releases to will be
-                 {{{scp -p dist/apache-solr-X.Y.M-incubating.tar.gz*}}}
+                 {{{scp -p dist/apache-solr-X.Y.M.tar.gz*}}}
-                 {{{scp -p dist/*}}}
+                 {{{scp -p dist/*}}}
          1. Ensure that the most current keys file is on the distribution site:
-            {{{scp -p KEYS.txt}}}
+            {{{scp -p KEYS.txt}}}
  	1. Start a new section in CHANGES.txt
  	1. Wait 24 hours for release to propagate to mirrors.
-            NOTE: only needed after graduation... www/ is not mirrored.
  	1. Deploy new Solr site.
  	1. Deploy new main Lucene site.
- 	1. Update Javadoc in {{{}}}.
+ 	1. Update Javadoc in {{{}}}.
             NOTE: skip this for now, as this javadoc is currently updated automatically from
the nightly build
  	1. Send announcements to the user and developer lists.
- 	1. Update [ incubation status file]
+         1. Update other sites such as freshmeat
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