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From outoftime <>
Subject Re: solr-ruby - let's get a 1.0!
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 22:52:36 GMT

Hi all - just wanted to give a big +1 to Matt on this one. I've been working
for a while on a higher-level Solr library in Ruby called Sunspot that
allows easy indexing/searching of Ruby objects (using a prepackaged
schema.xml, etc), abstracting all Solr/Lucene syntax away from the API

The current (incomplete) version is built on solr-ruby, but a while ago I
came across the LocalSolr plugin and thought it would be lovely to include
LocalSolr support in Sunspot. I began looking for an alternative to
solr-ruby that would allow me to cleanly use parameters and query types that
aren't part of Solr core, and ran across RSolr. I think passing params
through transparently is absolutely the right approach here - thus
developers of higher-level APIs, or application developers who want to
interact directly with Solr at a low level, are free to add integration with
whatever Solr extensions they might need, without any explicit support from
the Solr adapter layer.

Having the option of using curb with no extra effort is also a huge bonus.

One thing I'd like to see in RSolr/solr-ruby 1.0 is an object-oriented
approach to building documents - in particular, it would be nice to have
fine-grained control over field boost and that sort of thing, and having an
explicit Document object would be an intuitive way to do that. Here's a
simple example from an email discussion (that's been on hold for a few weeks
- sorry Matt!) that Matt and I have been having:

  doc = = 12
  doc.add_field('title_s', 'My Title', :boost => 2.0)

It would make sense to me to have this be RSolr/solr-ruby's internal
representation of documents, with appropriate conversion from the simpler
hash format when that is sufficient for API users' expression of documents.
If time allows, I'm hoping to contribute a patch to RSolr to this effect in
the near future, but of course it would be interesting to hear everyone's

If anyone's curious, Sunspot is at -
comments, criticism, etc. more than welcome.


goodieboy wrote:
> Solr-Ruby folks,
> A while ago, I started some discussions about updating solr-ruby. Some of
> the things I brought up were related to the way that solr-ruby handles
> param
> mapping and response/request handling. Other folks have expressed the need
> for jRuby support.
> In an effort to get some development happening on this front, Erik Hatcher
> created a refectoring branch within the solr-ruby repo. I ended up doing
> my
> own development in a github repository because I had all kinds of nutty
> ideas, and didn't want to bombard Erik with patches.
> I now have what I'm considering to be a very solid code base, complete
> with
> jRuby support. This library does no param mapping, and no request/response
> class mapping; what you put in is what Solr gets, and what Solr returns is
> what you get. In addition, it features a http adapter layer, so you can
> switch between different http client implementations. The built in
> adapters
> are Net::HTTP and Curb. Etc..
> I'm asking the solr-ruby community (YOU!) to please have a look at this
> library and offer your thoughts/opinions on it's capabilities and design.
> Do
> you seen this as a possible refectored base for solr-ruby? Is there
> anything
> there that you think could benefit solr-ruby? What are your thoughts on
> getting solr-ruby to a 1.0 release?
> Here's the library I've been working on:
> Thanks!
> Matt

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