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From "Matt Mitchell" <>
Subject Re: solr ruby code update
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2008 13:39:48 GMT

I'm glad you like it so far, definitely some things to work out still but
I'm feeling pretty happy with it.

The pagination is real, not just a huge doc set using array cursors. The
library is converting :page and :per_page to "rows" and "start. You use it
by first querying, using the :page and :per_page params like:

result = solr.query(:page=>1, :per_page=>10, :q=>'*:*')
# or "search"
result ='ipod', :page=>1, :per_page=>10)

The result object now has methods that WillPaginate can hook into, namely:
current_page, total_pages, next_page and previous_page. With those methods,
the will_paginate view helper can create the pagination view widget. Of
course, the :page param would probably be dynamic; in Rails/Merb --

But you bring up a good point about where the pagination should be
"happening". Maybe instead of paginating the top-level "result", it'd be
more intuitive to do it on just a document set like:

result = solr.query(:page=>1, :per_page=>10, :q=>'*:*')
@docs = result.documents

<%= will_paginate(@docs) %>

What do you think?

Thanks for having a look and please do play with it when you get a chance!


On Wed, Dec 17, 2008 at 12:12 AM, Erik Hatcher

> tell us more about the willpaginate stuff.    your example:
>    <%= will_paginate(@response) %>
> does this paginate a live cursor through solr by requesting start/row
> windows?  or is it paginating through the docs returned to the client?
> shouldn't you paginate an @query or an @request than the response?
>        Erik
> On Dec 16, 2008, at 11:52 PM, Matt Mitchell wrote:
>  I've been re-writing/factoring the solr ruby gem -- and the source code
>> can
>> be found here:
>> The current version is 0.5.1 and can be installed by running:
>> gem sources -a
>> sudo gem install mwmitchell-solr
>> More docs coming, but for the nitty gritty, have a look at some of the
>> tests
>> if needed.
>> If you use solr-ruby at all, please have a look. I would love to hear from
>> some of the ruby folks out there!
>> Cheers,
>> Matt

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