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From Koji Sekiguchi <>
Subject Re: solr-ruby - Retrieving document boost values from query
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 00:48:09 GMT
Hi Chris,

Unfortunately, in terms of Lucene, document boost value always returns 1 
at query time.
See the following getBoost() method Javadoc:



Chris Kline wrote:
> I need to be able to see the boost values for existing solr 
> documents.  I've been able to set the boost values upon creation, but 
> I'm not sure how to view those values from a query.  Is there a way I 
> can have a query return Solr::Dcoument objects so that I can access 
> the boost attribute?  Currently, just a Hash is returned.
> On another note, I'm ready to start contributing to solr-ruby.  I'd 
> like to start with the documentation... I've created a JIRA ticket 
> ( for this under 
> clients-ruby-flare (there is no component for solr-ruby).  My plan is 
> to post an svn diff to this ticket with my updates.  Any guidance that 
> you can give in this process would be appreciated.
> -Chris Kline

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