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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject solr-ruby v0.0.2
Date Wed, 16 May 2007 12:28:12 GMT
I uploaded the v0.0.2 solr-ruby gem to RubyForge yesterday.  It's  
available for "gem install".

I have been negligent in keeping the CHANGES.txt file up to date  
though, so there is nothing in there to say what changed.  I'll do  
better next time.  I wanted to push the gem out so that it was  
available for use with the acts_as_solr patch I'll be submitting soon  
that puts solr-ruby under the covers of it.

This release includes the Mapper framework, and surely lots of other  
changes keeping the codebase up to date with the Solr trunk.

I suspect there are some issues that folks will have with this  
release, most notably that it'll require both libxml2 and Hpricot  
(because of those mappers).  I'll work on making those pieces not  
load if those libraries aren't present, and probably pushing a v0.0.3  
release out in a few days to fix those.

Let me know if you stumble on any other issues.


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