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From Antonio Eggberg <>
Subject flare sessions
Date Wed, 02 May 2007 10:30:31 GMT

First of all I am no sessions expert so please advice if you notice something is wrong. Having
said that
here is my problem:

1. I have a login/logout rails app. The apps job is to authorize folks and re-direct folks
other rails app.
2. I am using 1 database for simplicity
3. I have flare as a seperate rails app which checks a user from the login app and provides
search service.

I been having trouble syncing the two app due to session mismatch. i.e Flare app adds some
are not available in login app. So the easiest solution was to have flare plugin in login
app as
well as call flare
in the login controller thus getting all the session variables in sync. This works but I am
sure what kind
of side effect it might have.. i.e performance etc.

How are you guys doing it? for me login/logout app has to be a separate app cos it might be
in a
different machine
basically the idea is a "poor mans single sign-on" 

This is not really flare related but I would very greatfull to hear your views about it.


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