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From Antonio Eggberg <>
Subject SV: Re: SV: Re: Simple Web Interface
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2007 06:14:11 GMT

Thanks for your reply. Moving the discussion to ruby-dev@lucene.

Erik Hatcher <> skrev: 
On Mar 20, 2007, at 5:18 PM, Antonio Eggberg wrote:
> Erik Hatcher  skrev:

> That's always been the plan.  Currently Flare is just an ugly hack as  
> a Rails application that consists of a couple of Rails controllers  
> and some view templates.  Nothing fancy, and its not reusable in  
> other Rails applications as-is.

Yes, true but it has served me well, i.e. getting to know solr-ruby via

> I have to start re-thinking about the current app that i am  
> developing.
> How so?   How are you currently using Flare?   You're about the only  
> one I know of, so I'm quite curious how you've made use of the little  
> hack that it currently is :)

OK, without giving you all the secret :-). i.e. its a search site..I 
mean search is the main action everything else app wise is supporting
the search functions so to me it doesn't matter so much if flare is
plugin or an rails app. But making flare a plugin is a good thing makes
it more portable. 

Well as I mentioned earlier flare rails app have served me well. I have
left flare code i.e (browse_controller) as is, and started to build out the 
application instead i.e. users/login/settings/admin etc.. Actually I spent
quite a lot of time "feeding solr - i.e pusing XML for indexing". As you
might re-call my mail regarding Atom support.

There are couple of things that I miss from flare.. honestly i am not sure 
if i miss it from flare or solr. But I was planning on getting to it
once I solved my "solr feeding issue". Some of them are already in flares
roadmap as I can see .. but these are also "big discussion stuff" i.e tagging,
top-down faceting, "frequency based faceting" etc. In general I am trying to
do this but using solr/flare some stuff are possible as is but not all have a
look .. Now you know the secret :-) ha ha!

> If you could fill us in more on what you're doing, we'd be happy to  
> take your use cases into account as we revamp it.

Thank you.

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