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From "Ross Singer" <>
Subject Re: solrb/flare in action?
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 03:07:02 GMT
On 2/13/07, Erik Hatcher <> wrote:

> Again, I'm not trying to make things more complicated or unfamiliar
> to anyone.  Let me spell out my ideal:
>         gem install solrb
> and have that come from  If rubygems cannot currently
> handle this, then I'd like to push in that direction.  It would
> require us to work on some infrastructure issues and get gems and
> their manifests deployed properly to be mirrored.

I'm not entirely sure why this requires a change in the way rubyforge
or gem works.  I think the previous analogy of 'apt-get apache2' is
spot on.  This is not pulling a dpkg from, is it?  Redhat's
up2date isn't pulling rpms from there, are they?

Somebody is bundling the sources from and putting them into
formats and package repositories that particular distributions use (be
it rpm, dpkg, whatever the hell suse uses, etc.) so the various update
mechanisms can handle them best.  Why wouldn't the 'gem' for solrb,
etc. live on RubyForge while the sources live at

I guess I don't see how the 'apache way' excludes Solr hosting gems at
RubyForge when its flagship project is hosted in every repository
system out there.


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