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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject solrb renaming
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2007 15:12:29 GMT
It has been discussed in the past and even more today in the  
#code4lib chat room that we ought to rename the solrb package so that  
things start aesthetically pleasing:

	gem install solrb

apparently doesn't strike a chord with everyone.  I'm not tied to  
solrb.  The original intention of that name was "sol.rb" to spin off  
of the Spanish spelling of sun.   And I think naming the gem "sol.rb"  
literally is a bad idea for syntactic reasons in that it'll likely  
trip something up along the way (are there gems with dots in their  
names out there now?).

So, here are some ideas tossed out for renaming consideration:

My $0.02: "gem install solr" implies installing Solr itself which we  
currently are not going to do.  "solr-ruby" or "ruby-solr" are more  
suitable to me.  I don't personally mind "solrb", but I can see how  
it isn't all that pleasing to others.



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