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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Fwd: NO_NORMS and TOKENIZED?
Date Sat, 17 Feb 2007 01:42:49 GMT
A recent e-mail from Mr. KinoSearch to java-user has a quote that I  
wanted to point out here:

Begin forwarded message:
> KS 0.20 doesn't even have Document or Field classes.  :)  They've  
> been eliminated, and native Perl hashes are now used to transport  
> document data.

I think we could simplify (wow, even at this early stage) the solrb  
code a bit by simply representing a document as a Hash.  For  
multiValued data, the values would be arrays.  Do we really need any  
other semantics at the solrb level, or does a Hash convey it all?   
Just thinking out loud here, so feel free to ignore me.

Marvin makes some other great points about fixed schemas, which maps  
to the schema.xml facility of Solr I believe.  I am interested in  
exploring how field names get mapped, along with client knowledge of  
Solr's schema.xml structure, can make an elegant API.


p.s. I've queued up several ruby-dev e-mails to respond to over the  
next several days.  I'm happily swamped and eager to keep the  
momentum of solrb and Flare going strong.

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