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From Brian McCallister <>
Subject Re: Ruby & Lucene & ApacheCon
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2005 12:36:22 GMT
At ApacheCon EU I roped one of the most productive developers (Thomas  
Dudziak) I know (who also has SWIG experience =) into the Ruby/Lucene  
thing. Anyway, he's had little success with gcj and lucene4c thus far  
(lucene4c isn't quite complete enough, and as Garrett knows (and said  
he's working on) kind of tough to build.

Anyway, Thomas went and in an afternoon put SWIG bindings around  
CLucene =)

Now, the more fun part, Ben (whose email I don't have) of CLucene  
would like to move the project to Apache =)



On Aug 8, 2005, at 6:34 AM, Thomas Dudziak wrote:

> Hi,
> after much tinkering and installing/reinstalling gcc/gcj (3.4.3 and
> 4.0.1) I finally got a combo of ruby+swig+gcj to compile, only to be
> stopped dead by a internal compiler error of GCJ. I honestly don't
> know why this works for PyLucene (which btw. I didnt' get to compile
> because the mac version of Python is 2.3 whereas PyLucene seems to
> require 2.4).
> And then yesterday by chance I spotted a mail by Ben van Klinken on
> the SWIG mailing list who is the lead developer of the CLucene project
> (, a full C++ port of Lucene. So I
> fired up an email to him and he told me that they've rewritten CLucene
> to be easily usable with SWIG (currently he's doing a C# and COM
> wrapper for CLucene) and they already have more or less the
> functionality as Lucene 1.4.3.
> So I decided to give it a try, and after about half an hour I not only
> had CLucene compiled and linked, but also a basic SWIG ruby wrapper
> around one of the helper classes of CLucene (compared to about a week
> for the same using gcj).
> The interesting thing now is that they'd like to move to Apache, they
> even proposed incubation
> ( though they
> seem to be missing a sponsor (Erik didn't answer as far as I could see
> on the Lucene dev mailing list).
> I'd very much like to use CLucene as the basis for the ruby binding
> (and Ben is quite willing to help with any SWIG wrappers and C++
> issues), so my question is: could you talk to Erik as to whether it
> would be possible to accept the incubation proposal (via sponsoring by
> the Lucene PMC) ? From what I saw so far of CLucene, I might be able
> manage to create a ruby binding of the querying in August, which would
> be a good start for the RubyLucene repository.

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