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From Ruediger Meier <>
Subject Re: pylucene-6.4.1: Missing/Can't unzip jars Under lucene-java-6.4.1 Directory
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2017 21:53:16 GMT
On Wednesday 15 March 2017, Junjie Wei wrote:
> Hi,
> When I was trying to build pylucene-6.4.1 in Cygwin on Windows, the
> "$ make build" exit with errors complaining that some jar files
> cannot be open. It seems because some of the jars under
> lucene-java-6.4.1 are symbolic links with size of 1k instead of
> concrete ones. Here is a list that I located them with find command:
> $ find ./lucene-java-6.4.1/ -name *.jar -size 1k
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/icu/lib/icu4j
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/morfologik/li
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/morfologik/li
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/morfologik/li
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/phonetic/lib/
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/uima/lib/Tagg
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/uima/lib/uima
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/uima/lib/Whit
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/expressions/lib/antlr4
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/expressions/lib/asm-5.
> ./test/pylucene-6.4.1/lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/expressions/lib/asm-co
> After downloaded and replaced lucene-java-6.4.1 from
>, things went all
> good.
> Is it an issue in the release, or I have missed something before
> built?

Yes this is a minor but annoying issue of this realease. There are some 
dead links packaged, pointing to Andi's home. like this one

./lucene-java-6.4.1/lucene/analysis/morfologik/lib/morfologik-stemming-2.1.1.jar -> /Users/vajda/.ivy2/cache/org.carrot2/morfologik-stemming/bundles/morfologik-stemming-2.1.1.jar

Maybe the "make release/distrib" target has a bug or these links where 
commited to svn by mistake.

BTW this is no real issue on a real POSIX system. Cygwin seems to make 
this worse as it has to emulate symlinks somehow. I guess instead of 
downloading lucene manually you could have fixed it by just removing 
all the bad links.


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