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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: AW: Current state of PyLucene
Date Tue, 17 Nov 2015 17:00:10 GMT

On Nov 17, 2015, at 01:27, Thomas Koch <> wrote:

>>> On Nov 15, 2015, at 22:54, Jeff Breidenbach <> wrote:
>>> I don't understand this. Lucene is the dominant open source search
>>> software, and Python continues to gain popularity.
>>> Why is there a decline in interest?
>> Dunno. The PMC lives in Java land and doesn't pay much attention. And I
>> stopped nagging them. As for users, there are plenty of them (?) but they
> don't
>> participate or otherwise show interest by voting for releases.
>> Andi..
> That's a pitty. So back to the current state: the project is dormant due to
> lack of interest? Or is is dead already?

It's dormant. By that I mean that no work is happening on it until interest is shown again.
It can be revived any time by incorporating patches, making a release, fixing bugs, etc...

> If it's the users who should show more interest - I think that can be
> organized. Please hands up ,-)

Users can show interest by voting when a vote is called, sending in patches, feature requests
and bug reports.

> Already noticed some reactions and votes. I also voted for some releases
> (and provided some minor code contributions) in the past, but never really
> understood the voting process: always (at least) 3 members of the PMC
> (=project management committee) must vote for a release, right?

Yes. Three PMC votes are necessary: mine + two others. We have a large Lucene PMC. Historically,
the same two PMC members have been voting for releases. I've stopped nagging them - it became

> So votes of
> ordinary users do not count at all or are just "sugar" ? (If that's the case
> : why should 'ordinary' users votes anyway?). 

They count in that they're a measure of interest in the project. No user votes are a factor
in the project going dormant. But the PMC votes are what enable a release.

> And if members of the PMC are not interested in the project it's probably
> the wrong committee ... is there a PMC for Lucene only or one for Java
> Lucene and one for PyLucene? I found this website which explains the PMC
> process in Apache world 
> .... but didn't find about Lucene PMC in particular - please point me to a
> website with more details if this is available -thx.

PyLucene is a sub-project of the Lucene project. To get its own PMC it needs to become a top
level project (TLP) and a large requirement of that is an active, preferably sizeable, community
of users that contribute to the project. This is not the case for PyLucene.

> The resource
> linked on the above website is read protected.

I have readily available links to contribute, sorry.


> Regards,
> Thomas 
> --
> OrbiTeam Software GmbH & Co. KG  .

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