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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re:
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2013 08:11:18 GMT

  Hi Thomas,

On Mon, 11 Feb 2013, Thomas Koch wrote:

> first please excuse I didn't get back to you regarding the tests - I did 
> start with it but then got stuck and distracted from other tasks popping 
> up. No excuse - I just failed to deliver what I promised.

Oh well. No worries.

>> Would you please port it to the new 4.x API so that it can be included 
>> with the PyLucene 4.1 release ?
> Yes, will do. And yes, the Facets API has changed - mainly due to a 
> complete rewrite of huge parts of the code by Shai Erera (as written in 
> LUCENE-4647).
> I haven't yet worked with 4.x so I had to check the documentation first... (mainly API
docs).  The most obvious change is in CategoryDocumentBuilder that has been replaced by the
FacetFields class. The method of interest is certainly
> 	FacetFields.addFields(Document doc, Iterable<CategoryPath> categories)
> that should be used instead of
>    CategoryDocumentBuilder.setCategoryPaths(Iterable<CategoryPath> categoryPaths)
> doc)
> It should be noted (and reported - to whom?)

Either file a bug on
or send a note to (subscribe first).

> that the  "Apache Lucene Faceted Search User's Guide" at
> does NOT yet reflect the new API and thus is misleading (or just plain wrong).
> Luckily the basic concept of a CategoryPath and a CountFacetRequest have remained unchanged
AFAIK so changes should not be that big. Actually I did change the according
to the API changes I noticed already,  but couldn't test it yet because I was unable to build
> Here's the diff against pylucene-trunk: 
> And here's what I did in order to get my local pylucene-trunk environment 
> up-to-date (to4.1) and how I failed:
> I first did "svn up" and rebuild JCC and PyLucene but then noticed I still 
> had got PyLucene4.0 :

I checked in the latest Makefile for version 4.1 into rev 1445038.
Be sure to have
as well.

... snip ...

>    [javac] /Users/koch/Projekte/Python/pylucene/pylucene-trunk/java/org/apache/pylucene/search/ is not abstract and does not override abstract
method termsEnum(org.apache.lucene.index.Terms) in

Indeed. I reproduced that error here.
A new method was added to the FieldCache.Parser interface.
I added it to the classes missing it (rev 1445048).

I then found that the test case from hell,, has majorly changed 
again and needs to be ported again. Sigh.


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