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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release PyLucene 3.5.0 rc2
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2011 03:00:27 GMT

On Wed, 7 Dec 2011, Bill Janssen wrote:

> This part of the PyLucene Makefile is still screwed up:
> # Mac OS X 10.5 (32-bit Python 2.5, Java 1.5)
> #ANT=ant
> #PYTHON=$(PREFIX_PYTHON)/bin/python
> #JCC=$(PYTHON) -m jcc --shared
> The way that jcc/ is now written, there's no way to invoke it
> with "-m jcc", even on Python versions where that's supposed to work.
> The last line, "_jcc.CLASSPATH = CLASSPATH" will always fail, because "_jcc"
> isn't imported anywhere.

I'm a bit confused about how this can or cannot work.
For whatever it's worth, with Python 2.7, running with -m jcc works fine 

That being said, I don't see how this statement:

can work at all since there is nothing visibly importing _jcc.
Something puts it there, though, because it works.

Can you shed some light on this ?

... debugging a bit further ... via pdb ...

Apparently, the statement:
    from _jcc import initVM

causes the _jcc symbol to appear.

This could be a side-effect of setuptools. I vaguely remember someone saying 
that this didn't work with distutils only.

If you can reproduce the failure, does adding a line before if __name__ ...:
   import _jcc

solve the problem for you ?


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