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From "Thomas Koch" <>
Subject Facet support in (Py)Lucene34
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2011 08:30:46 GMT
slightly related to my previous post today: I was reading about a new
faceted search support in java-lucene-34 - see Changelog:

LUCENE-3079: a new facet module which provides faceted indexing & search
capabilities. It allows managing a taxonomy of categories, and index them
with documents. It also provides search API for aggregating (e.g. count) the
weights of the categories that are relevant to the search results. (Shai

... and was tempted to give it a try in PyLucene. However it seems the
classes are not contained in the default build, e.g. class
LuceneTaxonomyWriter (from org.apache.lucene.facet.taxonomy.lucene) is not
available via 'from lucene import LuceneTaxonomyWriter'.

I'm aware that the new facet support is part of lucene contrib and also
thought that PyLucene would by default only contain the "lucene core" of
Java-Lucene, but just encountered the opposite with the SynomyFilter (the
new SynonymFilter is also part of lucene contrib but already included in the
PyLucene 'core'). 

Not complaining about this, just trying to understand: based on what
process/criteria is decided what java-lucene contrib modules are include in
the default PyLucene built (aka 'core')? (Maybe Andi can shed a light on
this ,-)

I assume the best way to add other contrib moduls to your own PyLucene
projects is to modify the Makefile and do a re-build, right? I noticed a
hint in Makefile,line 148:
# comment/uncomment the desired/undesired optional contrib modules below

Here neither synonyms nor facets are mentioned - I guess the synonyms come
in via the ANALYZERS_JAR and there's just a define
 missing to get this included - will give it a try...

Finally I'd of course be interested to know if anyone yet made
experiments/experiences with the new fact support - may it be in java-lucene
or PyLucene...

OrbiTeam Software GmbH & Co. KG
Endenicher Allee 35
53121 Bonn - Germany

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