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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release PyLucene 3.3.0
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 19:53:53 GMT

On Sun, 3 Jul 2011, Christian Heimes wrote:

> Am 03.07.2011 18:17, schrieb Andi Vajda:
>> What kind of errors ?
>> So I added the grouping module to the PyLucene branch_3x build and it "just
>> built" (tm). I even committed the change to the build (rev 1142455) but I
>> didn't check that the grouping module was functional in PyLucene as I didn't
>> port any unit tests or even know much about it.
> I'm getting an error on my box, too.

I fixed a bug with what looks like strange behaviour of the 
java.lang.reflect.Constructor class: for a non-static inner class, it 
appears that Constructor.getGenericParameterTypes() is not returning the 
implicit first parameter - the instance of the declaring outer class - that 
Constructor.getParameterTypes() is returning.
This difference is not documented (nor is the implicit first parameter 
returned by the non-generic version).

Could you please get the latest jcc from trunk/branch_3x (version 2.10) and 
verify that my fix really fixes it. I was able to reproduce and explain the 
bug but would like to be sure I'm not missing something.

I re-enabled the grouping module on branch_3x.
Once verified, I'll spin a new PyLucene 3.3 release candidate as the 
previous didn't garner the 3 required PMC votes anyway.

Thanks !


> In file included from build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39469:0:
> build/_lucene/org/apache/lucene/search/grouping/AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs.h:55:83:
> error: ?AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector? in namespace
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping? does not name a type
> build/_lucene/org/apache/lucene/search/grouping/AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs.h:55:160:
> error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ?parameter? with no type
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39503:132: error:
> ?AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector? in namespace
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping? does not name a type
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39503:211: error: ISO C++ forbids
> declaration of ?a0? with no type
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp: In constructor
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs::AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs(const
> int&, const java::lang::Object&, const
> org::apache::lucene::search::TopDocsCollector&)?:
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39503:394: error: request for member
> ?this$? in ?a0?, which is of non-class type ?const int?
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp: In function ?int
> org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::t_AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs_init_(org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::t_AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs*,
> PyObject*, PyObject*)?:
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39608:25: error:
> ?AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector? is not a member of
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping?
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39608:102: error: expected ?;? before ?a0?
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39615:30: error:
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector?
> has not been declared
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39615:30: error: ?a0? was not declared in
> this scope
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39615:30: error:
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::t_AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector?
> has not been declared
> error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
> Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64
> GCC 4.5.2
> Python 2.7.2
> Christian

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