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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release PyLucene 3.3.0
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2011 17:20:01 GMT

On Sun, 3 Jul 2011, Christian Heimes wrote:

> Am 03.07.2011 18:17, schrieb Andi Vajda:
>> What kind of errors ?
>> So I added the grouping module to the PyLucene branch_3x build and it "just
>> built" (tm). I even committed the change to the build (rev 1142455) but I
>> didn't check that the grouping module was functional in PyLucene as I didn't
>> port any unit tests or even know much about it.
> I'm getting an error on my box, too.

While I don't see the error, I see that there could be something missing in 
that header file, AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs.h.
For example, TopDocsCollector is forward-declared there but 
AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector is not, even though it is used. What's 
special about it is that it's the outer class of the class being defined 
here, AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs.

The reason I'm not seeing there error could be a difference in file 
inclusion order somewhere getting this missing class definition included 
from somewhere else.

I'm about to go on vacation for two weeks, without a computer (ok, email 
only) and I should investigate this upon my return.

Still, that shouldn't necessarily block the PyLucene 3.3 release.
I'm fine with either solution, block the release on this or fix that for 
3.4. Either way, I can't finish the release process until I return as the 
vote has to run for three business days, ie, until Tuesday.

I'll leave it up to the voters to decide :-)


> In file included from build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39469:0:
> build/_lucene/org/apache/lucene/search/grouping/AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs.h:55:83:
> error: ?AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector? in namespace
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping? does not name a type
> build/_lucene/org/apache/lucene/search/grouping/AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs.h:55:160:
> error: ISO C++ forbids declaration of ?parameter? with no type
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39503:132: error:
> ?AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector? in namespace
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping? does not name a type
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39503:211: error: ISO C++ forbids
> declaration of ?a0? with no type
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp: In constructor
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs::AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs(const
> int&, const java::lang::Object&, const
> org::apache::lucene::search::TopDocsCollector&)?:
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39503:394: error: request for member
> ?this$? in ?a0?, which is of non-class type ?const int?
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp: In function ?int
> org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::t_AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs_init_(org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::t_AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector$SearchGroupDocs*,
> PyObject*, PyObject*)?:
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39608:25: error:
> ?AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector? is not a member of
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping?
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39608:102: error: expected ?;? before ?a0?
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39615:30: error:
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector?
> has not been declared
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39615:30: error: ?a0? was not declared in
> this scope
> build/_lucene/__wrap01__.cpp:39615:30: error:
> ?org::apache::lucene::search::grouping::t_AbstractSecondPassGroupingCollector?
> has not been declared
> error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
> Ubuntu 11.04 x86_64
> GCC 4.5.2
> Python 2.7.2
> Christian

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