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From "Thomas Koch" <>
Subject RE: failure of some PyLucene tests on windows OS
Date Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:22:14 GMT
> Well, sure, not running the code that breaks solves the problem. But can
> then run the tests multiple times ?
[Thomas Koch] note that previously closeStore() was not called, but now when
calling it the test_PyLucene runs OK.

And yes I can run tests several times- on PyLucene2.9 the index-dirs
testrepo and testpyrepo are cleaned up (i.e. removed) after tests succeed.
With PyLucene3.1 the testpyrepo is left (because
fails to cleanup).

> > So this looks like a problem in the test-code rather than in
> > windows/python/pyLucene - some store not being closed results in file
> Not sure if the bug is there.

Me neither ,-( 

Just for test_PyLucene the 'test-code-fix' fixes the issue. Another problem
is the dependency between test_PythonDirectory and test_PyLucene:
test_PythonDirectory uses tests defined in test_PyLucene which makes it bit
difficult to figure out where the problem is...

So has anyone seen this problem before? 


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