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From Bill Janssen <>
Subject unfinished work on implib in jcc/
Date Thu, 07 Oct 2010 10:56:44 GMT
I'm looking at the for jcc, and it seems that there is some
unfinished work lurking in there:

    'win32': ["/IMPLIB:%s"],
    'mingw32': ["-Wl,--out-implib,%s"]

But later on we find code like this:

        elif platform == 'win32':
            jcclib = 'jcc%s.lib' %(debug and '_d' or '')
            kwds["extra_link_args"] = \
                lflags + ["/IMPLIB:%s" %(os.path.join('jcc', jcclib))]

Looks like some work on casing this for mingw was started, but never
finished.  Should this read:

        elif platform in IMPLIB_LFLAGS:
            jcclib = 'jcc%s.lib' %(debug and '_d' or '')
            kwds["extra_link_args"] = 
                lflags + IMPLIB_LFLAGS[platform] %(os.path.join('jcc', jcclib))


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