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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: Feature request: include collation
Date Wed, 29 Sep 2010 15:49:03 GMT

On Sep 29, 2010, at 8:29, Christian Heimes <> wrote:

> Am 27.09.2010 03:59, schrieb Andi Vajda:
>> In 3.x and trunk, I've been porting ICU-dependant Lucene contrib  
>> features to
>> use PyICU [1][2] (which depends on C++ ICU). I think that having  
>> PyLucene
>> depend both on C++ ICU and Java ICU is one ICU too many :-), though.
>> I'm not sure at this point which should remain. There are  
>> advantages to
>> both... I'm open to arguments in favor of either. You can see  
>> examples in
>> the 3.x tree [3].
> When can we expect a new release of PyLucene with ICU support?

Once Lucene Java releases 3.1 and we decide here which ICU we want to  
use. I'm leaning towards C++ ICU with PyICU but I'm biased. Does the  
ICU stuff you see now on the PyLucene 3.x branch work well for you ?

> As far as I know PyLucene releases are tight to Lucene releases.  
> What's
> the release schedule for Lucene 3.1?

There recently was talk of a 3.1 release on the java-dev list and how  
to release much more frequently. The discussion then got a bit stuck  
on maven support and the date for the next release didn't come up. You  
might want to ping A lot of good stuff has  
happened on the 3.x branch and a 3.1 release would be welcome.


> My Google foo isn't strong enough
> to find a road map or time table for upcoming releases.
> Christian

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