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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject Re: Replacing the Makefile
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 07:16:50 GMT

On Tue, 17 Feb 2009, Jacob Floyd wrote:

> Have you considered replacing the Makefile with a pure build.xml
> replacement? As the gentoo ebuild was not as readable as the gentoo
> devs would have liked, they had me write it so that I could use
> pyAntTasks (
> ) to take care of running the
> python script. If you'd like I can send a copy to the list, or check
> out the build.xml here (for 30 days of course):
> The only things I didn't include were the
> test, distrib, and this doesn't download or compile lucene. It assumes
> that the lucene jars are in the same directory as build.xml (which is
> done from the ebuild). I use the following options on the commandline
> when running ant to use this which sets several variables to gentoo
> specific variables.
> ant install (or build) -f "build.xml" \
> -Dpython=${python} -Dversion=${MY_PV} -Dlucene.pv=${LUCENE_PV} \
> -Dpython.modname=${PYTHON_MODNAME} -Dpython.sitedir=$(python_get_sitedir) \
> -Dgentoo.numfiles=2 -Dgentoo.debug=${DEBUG_OPT} -Dgentoo.root=${D} \
> Perhaps this can be reused. I hope so. What do you all think of
> replacing the Makefile like this using ant?

Wow, I was not aware that one could use 'ant' to build Python things.
Even though PyLucene/JCC is bridging both the Java and Python worlds, its 
intended audience is Python developers. I don't expect Python developers to 
use 'ant' in their everyday development tasks.

That being said, if you submit a fully functional, not gentoo-specific, 
build.xml ant script for PyLucene, that would be an improvement over the GNU 
Makefile for Windows users since running it relies on Cygwin. I wouldn't get 
rid of Makefile just then but time and usage would tell us where to focus 
thus duplicated maintenance efforts.

It would be better, though, and more pythonic, to build a 
setuptools file for PyLucene instead. That would make it possible to get rid 
of Makefile just as well and be more fitting with the Python ways.


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