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From Andi Vajda <>
Subject preparing for a PyLucene release
Date Sat, 14 Feb 2009 00:52:12 GMT


Apart from the JIRA project (issue INFRA-1861) which seems stuck, the 
transition for PyLucene from OSAF to Apache is now complete.

Historically, PyLucene has had official releases closely tracking Java 
Lucene's. At the moment, it doesn't appear that Java Lucene is preparing for 
a release anytime soon.

I'd like to propose creating an offical Apache PyLucene source release
now instead of waiting for the next Java Lucene release for the following 
   - practising the process (new to me)
   - getting a release "out there" for people looking for it under the
     not-yet-created 'releases' menu under 'resources'
   - announcing the move to a larger audience such as Freshmeat

>From a functionality standpoint, this release would still be built around 
Java Lucene 2.4.0 but would include the latest bug fixes since the last 
release made at OSAF. I propose calling this release PyLucene-2.4.0-3.

I read the documents at [1] and [2] and I'm ready to kick-off the process.
In particular, I fixed the NOTICE and LICENSE files again.

At what time in that process do I need a vote from the Lucene PMC ?
Is there anything else required besides the vote and what's described at [1] 
and [2] ?



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