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From Jacob Floyd <>
Subject JCC Install
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2009 01:05:23 GMT
Here I am again.
After talking with some of the gentoo devs, they suggested I modify
the to include gentoo specifics and send it upstream. As it
is, they don't like to have to specify all the lflags, and in fact it
becomes troublesome, because we'd then have to duplicate what you're
doing (sniffing for x86/x86_x86_64...) within the ebuild. Instead, it
would be nicer to have something like a JCC_JAVA_DIR, that specifies
where the java install is, and then use that within Includes and
lflags. In my case I would then set not the JCC_LFLAGS variable but
the JCC_JAVA_DIR, and the would automatically give me either

I don't know if you prefer a copy or a patch, and I don't know if I
can attach things going to the list, so here's the and the
diff (available for the next 30 days):
Note that I moved some of the variables up or down, to keep it simple
for users to change just what they need.

What do you think?


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