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From Jacob Floyd <>
Subject Replacing the Makefile
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2009 03:06:19 GMT
Have you considered replacing the Makefile with a pure build.xml
replacement? As the gentoo ebuild was not as readable as the gentoo
devs would have liked, they had me write it so that I could use
pyAntTasks ( ) to take care of running the
python script. If you'd like I can send a copy to the list, or check
out the build.xml here (for 30 days of course): The only things I didn't include were the
test, distrib, and this doesn't download or compile lucene. It assumes
that the lucene jars are in the same directory as build.xml (which is
done from the ebuild). I use the following options on the commandline
when running ant to use this which sets several variables to gentoo
specific variables.

ant install (or build) -f "build.xml" \
-Dpython=${python} -Dversion=${MY_PV} -Dlucene.pv=${LUCENE_PV} \
-Dpython.modname=${PYTHON_MODNAME} -Dpython.sitedir=$(python_get_sitedir) \
-Dgentoo.numfiles=2 -Dgentoo.debug=${DEBUG_OPT} -Dgentoo.root=${D} \${S}

Perhaps this can be reused. I hope so. What do you all think of
replacing the Makefile like this using ant?

-Jacob Floyd

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