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From Jacob Floyd <>
Subject Re: Makefile question
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 22:14:38 GMT
My comments below.

Andi Vajda <> wrote:
>> These file depend on yet another thirdparty project, Apache Regex (?), and
>> I didn't want to have a dependency on that. Given that Python has excellent
>> regular expression support, I replaced these files with a Python-based
>> implementation.
> Still, I removed the two files you asked about because they depend on third
> party libraries that I didn't want PyLucene to depend on.
> In other words, contrary to what I wrote earlier, you can include the regex
> contrib with your PyLucene ebuild. No extra dependencies or patches are
> necessary provided these two files are removed first.

In the ebuild it is a simple matter to include other dependencies or
not based on the user's preference. If I were to allow the inclusion
of the jakarta-regexp package would I just have to add a "--classpath
{path to jakarta-regexp.jar}/regexp.jar" to the --build and --install
portions, or do you think that would work? Would I need to use
--include instead? or perhaps --exclude those particular classes?


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