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From Aaron Lav <>
Subject Re: Occasional SIGSEGV passing lists of ints to Java int[]s
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2009 18:07:09 GMT
On Thu, Feb 05, 2009 at 02:45:21PM -0500, Aaron Lav wrote:
(apologies for the broken threading.  I don't seem to be
getting email from this list: I've tried resubscribing.)

> Have you tried moving things around, like creating the arrays differently ?
For example: a = list(xrange(count)) instead of the list comprehension ?

I've tried list(xrange(count)) and range(count), and those don't fail.

    a = []
    for i in range(count):
    b = []
    for i in range(count):

does fail.

> Did you try a more recent version of Python ? 

I've just tried locally building 2.6.1 on my gutsy laptop, and
it still fails with that.

> Have you tried this on 32-bit ?

I've built an i386-arch KVM VM, and it doesn't crash there.  (It
does crash on a very similar x86-64 VM.)

> When you don't actually use the arrays after creating them, how are you 
getting the crash ? inside the assert loops ?

Yes.  (Some print statements would have made that clearer.)

Other ideas I'm planning:
 * try a python --with-pydebug build
 * stub out parts of jcc initialization.  (Obviously this could just move the bug around.)
 * fiddle with the JVM's GC parameters
 * see if setting a hardware watchpoint earlier catches where the data is being changed, or
if it seems to be being put in the list wrong.

   Aaron Lav (

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