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From Simone Chiaretta <>
Subject Re: Lucene.NET Community Status
Date Mon, 01 Nov 2010 14:20:12 GMT
> Not chasing .NET versions is definitely not the reason why
> Lucene.NET is going back in incubation.
> The real reason was pointed out by DIGI: no one stepped out
> for the "dully" work: prepare/publish official releases,
> home page love, interact with the Board,

I'm not a big fun of politics and bureaucracy but having to spend time
on such things when everybody contribute to opensource on its own
spare time doesn't seem to me the most effective use of time. If this
project was hosted on codeplex/github/googlecode it would have
probably released 10 versions in the last 2 years.

Then, another thought:  Most of people have to work with old versions
at their job, so when they contribute to OSS projects they want to
have fun and work on the latest versions.
Working on a line-by-line port is definitely not fun, add to the mix
that is still .net 2.0 and the solution is VS2005 (we are
on VS2010 now) and you probably understand why  not many devs are
willing to contribute.

That's just my 2c


Simone Chiaretta
Microsoft MVP ASP.NET - ASPInsider
twitter: @simonech

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
"Life is short, play hard"

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