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From "Michael Mitiaguin" <>
Subject Re: Silverlight, Compact Framework Support
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2008 05:35:07 GMT
Personally, don't understand why not to use LINQ to objects for searches in
collections , unless you save big chunks of text in each object. As for
silverlight applications , aren't they supposed to be rather thin in general
where other layer over net  serves query from Silverlight.
On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 3:20 PM, Andrew C. Smith <>wrote:

> What do you think about converting source code to support,
> silverlight and the compact framework.
> i looked into the source code to try and get it to work on a window mobile
> device, and also tried to get it to compile under a silverlight library.
> overall in theory this should work just fine, there are just some changes
> on
> the classes we use.
> Heres a small list of the things that i've noticed, although i can't
> remember what framework had a problem with what,
> but here are just a list that either one, or both had a problem with.
>   - Non-Generic Collections are not supported in silverlight 2 (HashTable,
>   ArrayList, ect...)
>   - ThreadStatic Attribute does not exist
>   - ThreadLocalState does not exist
>   - BinaryFormatter, SerializableAttribute, and ISerializable do not exsist
>   - Remoting is not available
> I think the biggest problem would be the use of the BinaryFormatter,
> although it was used in only a few places, it was in some places in the
> source code that was very greek to me, so i couldn't come to a conclusion
> on
> how to handle these parts without having a deep understanding how
> lucene.networks.
> the second biggest change would be the use of non-generic collections.
> There
> are lots of non-generic collections in the source code, some of the biggest
> being HastTable, and ArrayList classes. I've come accross an article that
> posted a conversion table on non-generic to generic collections. The
> article
> is here<
> >.
> for the ThreadStaticAttribute, and the ThreadLocalState, this can be done
> easily with a new data structure, i can actually make one that will hold
> types that are specific to each thread, if interested.
> having made these changes Lucene.Net can be more available to new devices
> such as running on a window mobile cell phone, or your pda, or run in a
> windows, linux, or mac computer that runs a silverlight application.
>  I'm willing to help work on these changes, like converting the non-generic
> collections, and the thread specific structures. just need to suguestions
> on
> how to go about replacing the binary serialization, and some suggestions on
> the remoting parts. but other than that this should work just fine.
> I'm very interested in this subject, as i am writing a framework that will
> run on top of lucene to support indexing POCO objects and searching them (
> it's not done as much, i keep
> rethinking of a way to go about it, but my general idea is much like how
> the
> compass framework for java works. I would like to extend this functionality
> for mobile devices and silverlight applications as well but i need lucene
> to
> support these frameworks too.

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