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Subject RE: getting start
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2008 15:49:11 GMT
<div>One thing that I have also found very helpful is to download the source from: <A
href=""><a href=""></a></A>#</div>
<div>and take a look at the unit tests, they often shed light on how to use a particular
<div>Hope that helps,</div>
<BLOCKQUOTE style="PADDING-LEFT: 8px; MARGIN-LEFT: 8px; BORDER-LEFT: blue 2px solid" webmail="1">--------
Original Message --------<BR>Subject: RE: getting start<BR>From: "Jamie Vickers"
&lt;;<BR>Date: Tue, April 08, 2008 6:12 am<BR>To: &lt;<a
too was new <a href="http://Lucene.NET">Lucene.NET</a> - I have learnt a lot from
the sample at:<BR><BR><A href=""
target=_blank><a href=""></a></A><BR><BR>I
hope this helps you.<BR><BR>Jamie.<BR><BR>-----Original Message-----<BR>From:
Arashmidos [mailto:<A onclick="Popup.composeWindow('pcompose.php?');
return false;" href="#Compose">arashmidos2006<B></B></A>] <BR>Sent:
08 April 2008 14:05<BR>To: <A onclick="Popup.compo
 seWindow('pcompose.php?'); return false;" href="#Compose">lucene-net-user<B></B></A><BR>Subject:
getting start<BR><BR>Dear friends,<BR><BR>Earlier I've worked with
Lucene ( Java Version ) and it was fine.But<BR>now, I<BR>had to write a project
with C# and I'm new to this <a href="http://language.So">language.So</a> I get<BR>confused.<BR>and
also I couldn't run Demos in Lucene <a href="http://package.So">package.So</a>
if it's possible help<BR>me<BR>how should I start with Lucene ( C# version ).Any
book? any sample? any<BR>guide?<BR><BR>Thanking you in anticipation.<BR><BR>--

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